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Moderators, commentators and panel

Donnie Lygonis
Moderator - Donnie SC Lygonis
is a Technology Transfer Manager at The Royal institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. After eight years as an officer in the Swedish armed forces, Donnie moved on to starting his own businesses, fifteen years later he joined the innovation office at KTH  and for the past five years he has been a part of reshaping the entrepreneurial scene at the university, and is proud to have co-created a startup ecosystem that is well in line with the top universities in the world.

Dina Titkova

Moderator - Dina Titkova is a Business Development Director at Biosync Technology AB, stress management startup in Stockholm. Experienced business developer in traditional Medtech industry, Dina focused on emerging trend of patient-centric care driving innovative digital solution for multiple sclerosis patients.  She holds a Bioentrepreneurship degree from Karolinska Institutet and “Global Swede” award for excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Her passion for prevention over reactive medicine made her a Digital Health enthusiast and active member of a vibrant Digital Health space in Stockholm, Sweden.

Elizabeth Nelson
Commentator - Elisabeth Nelson

Based in Holland and working globally with new technologies and innovative research for agencies and big name brands. Elizabeth is a writer and researcher focused on proactive healthcare through technologies. Current research is pushing digital health insights into the business world as well as contributing toward a  PhD from the University of Twente. This research is collected through perception studies, biological data analysis via wearable technologies, experiments, measurement development and big data analysis.

Mina Makar
Commentator - Mina Makar
Mina Makar is a Medical Doctor and Digital Health enthusiast. Mina has a MBBCh of Medicine and MSc in Health Informatics. He believes in individuals' rights for better care for which Digital Health is one of the most promising ways of delivering that.

Commentator - Bastiaan Franssen

Bastiaan Franssen is the founder of the young digital health organisation MEDocent. With his background in technology, cloud development and training in health informatics, he combined the fields of health care and technology into a company that creates patient education and health visualisation. At six months of age he was diagnosed with a chronic disease that gave him the insight in patient needs and requirements and helped him understand the difficulties and hurdles that have to be taken when developing new mHealth and digital health solutions. His passion for developing new digital solutions for people with a chronic disease made him into a devoted member of the digital health community.

Juliane Zielonka
Panelist - Juliane Zielonka
is the Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin, an industry-focused 3-month accelerator program. Her mission is to empower Digital Health startups to economic growth. Juliane has a proven track record in Digital Health, being the founder of a female health portal specialized on fertility threatening diseases that connects advice seeking women with specialty physicians. Raising capital, launching and running this patient-centered online service and her Saas startup LARAcompanion, she’s extended her broad healthcare experience. She consults the Fraunhofer institutes on entrepreneurship and business modelling to identify new digital health business opportunities at an early stage phase. Juliane is passionate on intelligent algorithms and connected health. The Tedster has over 18 years of experience in development, marketing and sales of digital products and global branding strategy projects in ePublishing, eCommerce, ASEAN government. She studied German, English and Psychology (M.A.), holds a state-certified degree as a graphic designer focus digital and a diploma in marketing communications. She also worked as a senior IT Product Developer Online for platforms in finance and insurance. She’s also steering the Health 2.0 Berlin Chapter which has grown to 1.000+ healthcare innovators in the German capital. She strives for more entrepreneurship and Venture Capital within Berlin and Europe with her entrepreneurial mindset and correspondent network.

Panelist - Leslie Pendrill, Researcher at SP Metrology is an associate professor of experimental physics who has devoted his entire professional life to research and education in metrology. He plays a leading role, nationally and internationally, including being chair 2009-12 of EURAMET (, the European association of national metrology institutes in Europe, and has been head of research (1985 - 2012) at SP Measurement Technology. Better measurement technology leads to better products and health. Recently Leslie has become an international leader in the quality assurance of measurement with people where perception or interpretation is used in product and system assessment, with concepts like reliability and validation analogous to those used in ("hard") physical measurement. The area is relatively underdeveloped, despite an increasing demand for measurements of these types as a basis for decision making in many important cases of assessing compliance with requirements regarding health, safety, trade, economics and so on. Current projects include a new EU project, EMPIR NeuroMet (2016 - 9), where SP is leading a work package in which improved instruments for assessing cognitive abilities of Alzheimer's patients are developed.

Elin Mignerus
Panelist - Elin Mignérus
has a background in medtech innovation and entrepreneurship, with an MSc in Biomedical engineering. Interested in the intersection of health tech, business and entrepreneurship, she held the position as Head of Strategy at Frogleap - a digital health accelerator in Stockholm. 

Jeremy Cummin
Panelist - Jeremy Cummin
has been involved in healthcare systems for over 35 years with a number of start-ups and disposals to his credit. He has consulted to major companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry and has acted for several central government departments.  Jeremy founded first business in 1978, developing applications for the commercial and retail markets and focussed on the leisure market shortly thereafter, providing software solutions for organisations such as THF and First Leisure Corporation.  His initial healthcare application was developed in the early 1980s for Beechams Research, and subsequently developed a medical software business specialising in oncology and palliative medicine. These products became the standard solution in the UK with systems installed throughout Europe. The company was sold in 1999. 
Jeremy went on to form various businesses including a specialist sports car dealership and a consultancy focussing on early stage health informatics opportunities. He has been involved in the negotiation of supplier contracts, business acquisitions and disposals and has served on several boards either as chairman or in non-executive capacity. Jeremy co-founded Pace Health Technology Ltd (a subsidiary of Pace Micro Technology Plc) in 2005 and moved on to found Telehealth Solutions Limited in 2006. Telehealth Solutions (since renamed "Medvivo") was sold to Fidelity International 2011.
In March 2013 Jeremy embarked upon D-Health, a digital health consultancy bringing together stakeholders in the digital health sector focussed on breaking down barriers and promoting volume business development, which he currently chairs.
Jeremy is a Member of the Institute of Directors, the Royal Society of Medicine, and a Fellow of British Computer Society.

Raoul Scherwitzl
Dr. Raoul Scherwitzl,
half Austrian, half French, is a former post-doctoral researcher in Nanophysics. He co-founded Natural Cycles in 2013 around a vision that every pregnancy should be wanted. He currently acts as CEO at Natural Cycles.