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Interview with Petter Klingofström, Atrium Ljungberg

1. Why is location an important competitive advantage for companies who are doing business in the borderline between Life Science, Healthcare and IT?
The mantra location, location, location doesn't really fit in this case. It is not necessarily the proximity that is important but rather the context and connexion.

The reason is that for these type of companies a critical factor in conducting business, is sharing of information and getting hold of information. To create valuable informations flows you can work on three tiers. The first tier is by utilizing your own premises such as offices and meeting rooms. You can thus support knowledge and information transfer. The second tier is to see other tenants and neighbours as partners that you can do joint activities with to increase contact points. The third tier, is ensuring that you are in a region where you have access to academia, university hospitals, IT and Life Science industry. For companies to be in right context and connexion all tiers are an important strategic decision.

2. Could you tell us about the Hagastaden district,currently developing in Stockholm. What is the vision for this district?

Hagastaden is located in Stockholm, i the intersection between Karolinska Institutet, New Karolinska University Hospital (NKS), The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University. It is within close proximity to the Kista ICT-cluster, home of Ericsson HQ, and a number of large Life Science companies.

The vision is to both bridge the medical and engineering schools, and create closeness between academia and industry, by concentrating Life Science companies in the district. Thus creating a worldleading cluster.

A productive cluster environment requires physical meetings with the appropriate stakeholders, in structured but also in unorganized ways. That is how ideas spread and cross pollinate.  However, just having walking distance to partners and customers is not enough. The virtual aspect is also important so that the cluster is connected to other world leading clusters.

3. How is Atrium Ljungberg engaged in Hagastaden?
As a property owner and -developer we have invested in this area, because of the potential it has. Since context is so important in order for the cluster to create value we are also engaged in enabling context creation through different initiatives, one of which, being”H2”

H2 Health Hub on Hälsingegatan 45, is a coworking space for digital health companies at the gateway to Hagastaden. We are a partner to H2 and work closely together with them to make sure there are activities that boost the community and that the startups that sit there get contact points to the neighboring businesses, academia and the university hospital. We believe that H2 Health Hub can create synergy effects and be a catalyst for the district.
"It’s been great working closely together with Atrium Ljungberg to find the right facilities in the right place. Hagastaden is one of the USP:s for our members and partners as it provides the ideal environment for health tech and life science” Paul Beatus

H2 Health Hub is a co-working space & meeting place for the health tech community in Stockholm. Here digital health startups fast-track their business by surrounding themselves with other highly motivated business builders to work, connect, collaborate, create, and share ideas. At H2 Health Hub we bring together the most energetic minds in one place to provide a fantastic environment to build fast-growing businesses and drive better health. H2 Health Hub offers flexible memberships, lounge and events.