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Founders of Digital Health Days

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  • About Digital Health Days

    Digital Health Days is an international conference in the budding field of digital health, which is focused on the transformation within the healthcare system, patient empowerment, the emerging business opportunities, the new healthcare ecosystem with new and non-traditional players and trends in related research areas such as Biosensors, Big Data, AAL and Gamification.

    Activities at the conference include pitches by European startups, VC panels, demos and hands-on workshops on design thinking and patient involvement. There are also on stage announcements of winners of scientific awards, winners of health hacks and new company collaborations.

    Since its inception in 2013, Digital Health Days has had hundreds of speakers on stage, nearly a thousand delegates from a dozen countries in Stockholm and 3500+ viewers of the live-streaming and on our YouTube-channel, and thousands of tweets during the conference as well as conference partners from leading international companies such as IBM, AbbVie, Microsoft to mention a few.

    The goal is to catalyze the progress in digital health internationally, strengthen the local ecosystem and position Stockholm as a premium meeting spot for professionals involved in the digital health transformation.
    That is why welcome receptions in Stockholm City Hall where the Nobel Prize dinner is held are part of the conference.

  • Vision and goals

    Our vision is to be a leading meeting spot that catalyzes commercial and academic progress in digital health.

    Our goals are to:

    Develop the dynamic annual conference for professionals in digital health from Healthcare, Life Science and ICT, in order to co-create a synergic ecosystem with improved services and products for the benefit of citizen’s health and healthcare professionals, successful businesses, improved scientific knowledge that combined is of societal importance.

    Develop and disseminate knowledge in digital health from specialized satellite meetings, reports and other activities arranged together with or by partnering organizations.

    Position the Stockholm region as an important hub in digital health due to its long traditions in healthcare, Life Science and ICT combined with the present strong entrepreneurial culture.

  • How we work

    Digital Health Days and associated activities are developed together with founders, partners and expert groups. The process is in continuous improvement as we expand these parties with representatives from important stakeholders such as patient, healthcare providers and academic research to mention a few.

    We work with a strong focus on fundamental human values, and thus aim for balanced gender representation on and off-stage and ensuring the venue is handicap friendly.

    We believe in citizens being the driving force of change in digital health and thus are involving patient representatives early in the program development process, and having patients as plenary speakers and offering a set of free tickets to ensure that they are also included in the audience.

    We encourage individuals, organizations or companies who strive for the improvement of human health worldwide to use us as a channel of achieving that mission.

  • Board of Directors

    Chairman: Ingela Lindh, Deputy Mayor City of Stockholm
    Secretary: PhD. Nima Jokilaakso, Event Manager Digital Health Days

    Patric Sjöberg, CEO at Stockholmsmässan
    Maria Rankka, CEO at Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
    Olle Zetterberg, CEO at Stockholm Business Region
    Ylva Williams, CEO at Stockholm Science City Foundation
    Thomas Andersson, CEO at Kista Science City
    Magdalena Bosson, Deputy County Governor of The County Administrative Board of Stockholm
    Björn Varnestig, CEO at Flemingsberg Science

  • Honorary committee

    HRH Prince Daniel
    Thomas Berglund, President and CEO of Capio
    Richard Bergström, Director General at European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (Efpia) and LIF Sweden
    PhD. Charlotte Brogren, Director General at Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVA
    PhD. Anders Hamsten, Vice-Chancellor at Karolinska Institutet
    Chris Heister, Governor of Stockholm County
    PhD. Mathias Uhlén, Professor of Microbiology at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
    Hans Vestberg, President and CEO of Ericsson
    Karin Wanngård, Mayor at City of Stockholm

  • Photos from DHD15

  • Previous speakers at Digital Health Days

    MD Brian Goldman

    Brian Goldman, MD
    is a highly regarded emergency physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.  He is also the host of the CBC´s award-winning radio show “White Coat, Black Art”, where he takes listeners behind the scenes of hospitals and doctor’s offices.  Goldman is on a lifelong campaign to confront medical errors and create a culture of safety for patients.  He has proven unafraid of using his own medical mistakes for examples on how doctors can improve. His TEDtalk – “Doctors Make Mistakes. Can We Talk About That?” has been watched by over a million viewers, and has been featured in The Huffington Post and NPRs TED Radio Hour. He is the author of the bestselling book The Night Shift:  Real Life in the ER, and, The Secret Language of Doctors which reveals deep flaws in modern medical culture, and how to fix them.

    Juliane Zielonka

    Juliane Zielonka,
    is co-founder and CEO of LARAcompanion, a mobile health program for overcoming infertility (SaaS in women’s reproductive health). The digital health entrepreneur is passionate on intelligent algorithms and connected health. She consults the Fraunhofer institutes on entrepreneurship and business modelling to identify new digital health business opportunities at an early stage phase. Juliane’s mission is the continuous development of digital products and services for best possible health outcome with clinical evidence. The Tedster has over 18 years of experience in development, marketing and sales of digital products and global branding strategy projects in ePublishing, eCommerce, ASEAN government. She studied German, English and Psychology (M.A.), holds a state-certified degree as a graphic designer focus digital and a diploma in marketing communications. She also worked as a senior IT Product Developer Online for platforms in finance and insurance. She strives for more entrepreneurship and Venture Capital within Berlin and Europe with her Silicon Valley Mindset and correspondent network. She's also steering the Health 2.0 Berlin Chapter which has grown to 700+ health care innovators in the German capital.


    Lucien Engelen has worked since 2007 at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre as Head of the regional emergency healthcare network. He also advises the Board in terms of changes in healthcare enhancing the participation of the patients and their informal care in their own disease, working towards raising the level of participation in Health(care), research and education. He is founding Director of the Radboud REshape Center, that acts on the convergence of technology and patient empowerment. Creating breakthrough programs, foresights and products if industry lacks progression itself.
    Dutch National TV future-affairs program Backlight (Tegenlicht) aired a documentary on his vision and approach to change healthcare into a more participatory environment in the REshape Innovation Center at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen
    Author of several books, essays, chapters and scientific articles on the change of healthcare due to shifting patients perspectives and (exponential) technology. Organized 5 health focussed 1000+ seats TEDx-s and has given two TED-talks himself.

    Bill Crounse MD

    Bill Crounse, MD, 
    Senior Director, Worldwide Health, is responsible for providing worldwide thought leadership, vision, and strategy for Microsoft technologies and solutions in the health industry. Prior to joining Microsoft, Dr. Crounse was Senior Vice President, CIO and Chief Medical Information Officer for Overlake Hospital Medical Center and the Overlake Venture Center in Bellevue, Washington. He is also the co-founder of a technology company dedicated to improving information exchange and connectivity between physicians and their patients.
    Dr. Crounse is known internationally for his work in medical communications and information technology. He was the executive producer, creator and host of the on-line video series Microsoft Health Tech Today. He is the founder and primary contributor to Microsoft’s HealthBlog. He is also known for his work in television broadcasting through the many years he was affiliated with ABC Network News, Lifetime Medical Television, Discovery, Medical News Network and other outlets. Prior to joining Overlake Hospital in 1995, Dr. Crounse was a physician and medical executive with Virginia Mason Medical Center and Group Health in Seattle. He received his B.S. Degree at the University of Puget Sound and is a graduate of the Medical University of Ohio. As a board certified family physician, he practiced medicine in the Seattle area for 20 years.

    Anna O Lindgren

    Anna Omstedt Lindgren
    , is an Internet veteran with undisputed endurance and ability to create new opportunities. Co-founder of Tasteline and MedUniverse where she is also the CEO. Board member at Sveriges Radio and Hemfrid. A proven entrepreneur and leader of digital media organizations with a solid track-record of developing companies from non existence to profitability and high market shares.  Several years experience from implementing successful business strategies, running start-ups towards aggressive financial  and market targets within the digital landscape. Over fifteen years involvement as a board member of both public and private companies from the start-up, online, e-commerce, media, life science and service sectors.
    Over the last five years focus in helping traditional companies with their digital transformation. Mentor to several of Sweden’s most successful start-ups. Founded the female business network Pokerface.

    Mr Jeoren Tas

    Jeroen Tas
    , is the CEO of Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services at Philips. Jeroen Tas has over 30 years of global experience as an entrepreneur and senior executive in the healthcare, information technology and financial services industries. Currently he is the CEO of Healthcare Informatics, Solutions and Services at Philips. In his current role, Jeroen is committed to creating new models of people-centric healthcare, based on the the power of technology.
    Previously he was the Group Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Royal Philips, leading IT worldwide. Jeroen and his team have evolved IT to become a fundamental enabler of growth for Philips as a real-time, connected company. He co-founded and served as President, COO and vice-chairman of the Board for MphasiS, an IT and Business Processing Outsourcing company with revenues of $1+ billion, which was acquired by EDS (an HP company) in 2006. From 2007 to 2008 he was Vice President and General Manager at EDS, responsible for the global competency centers. Prior to MphasiS, Jeroen was the head of Transaction Technology, Inc., Citigroup's tech lab, responsible for the innovation and development of the bank’s customer-facing systems. Earlier in his career, he held international marketing and project management roles with Digital Equipment and Philips in the USA, Europe and Asia. Jeroen is the 2004 winner of the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Information technology category for the New York region. He also won the Dutch CIO of the year 2013 Award, NASSCOM Global CIO Award 2014, the World Innovation Congress  2014 CIO Leadership Award, CIO Net European CIO of 2014 Award and the IT Executive 2014 Award. He is a native of the Netherlands and holds a Master’s Degree in computer science and business administration from the Free University of Amsterdam.

    Fredrik Debong

    Fredrik Debong
    , is the Co founder & Community Relations Lead of mySugr. "Making diabetes suck less” – from day #1 the goal of mySugr. The Austrian company focuses on diabetes management and  behavioural change; digital health, data and games are at the core of their work. The small company, based on Fredrik’s own personal experience with diabetes, fast became successful. Winning competitions across Europe, the interest of international investors and med tech companies. Yet the road to actually get their ideas out there, was riddled with a few hurdles. An app, however simple, which affects peoples health – that makes it a medical device. After 2 years of work – the team was able to launch one of the first apps living up to the quality level required by FDA, CE, TGA and other regulatory bodies around the world.
    Now with over 300.000 users, loved by doctors and patients, the team is expanding rapidly. Fredrik will share his insights and learnings from the taking the first steps into the field of regulated mobile health apps, the biggest surprises, failures and successes of mySugr.
    To get some insight into the companies story, please take a look at Fredrik’s TEDx talk, "Diabetes – time for a change”.

    Chandler Chawla

    Chander Chawla is a businessman who brings a global perspective to technology and design. Chander has lived and worked in six countries in multiple sectors and functions within the hi-tech industry. Highlights include commercializing disruptive mobile technologies like WiFi and wearable devices, running a $600M business, and creating a product to bridge the physical and digital worlds as an entrepreneur. In addition to his career in the business world, Chander has advised the Swedish government on economic growth policy. Chanders diverse experience and his training in Complex Systems has given him the unique ability to find the interconnectedness of unrelated phenomena. Chander is frequently a keynote on innovation, commercializing new technologies, scaling businesses, and seeing the unseen. Chander writes about philosophy, leadership, the arts and human behavior on his blog at
    In a nutshell, Chander is a skipper of stones, builder of bridges, and burster of bubbles.

    Mikko Kiiskilä
    is a co-founder and CEO of MeeDoc. Prior to MeeDoc he has worked for more than a decade in leadership positions in management consultancies across EU, Asia and US, serving Fortune 500 companies in the areas of product development, marketing and company transformations. Mikko holds a M.Sc degree in product development in telecommunications from Aalto University, Finland.

    Tara Burton

    Tara Burton,
    Founder of the HS Trust and a person living with Hidradenitis Suppurativa. HS Trust is the leading charity for HS awareness, education and support. She is also a patient living with stage 3 HS for 20 years, although was only officially diagnosed 10 years ago after a lengthy journey with various healthcare professionals.  
    In 2006 she lost her job due to ill health, and as her health deteriorated and her hospital appointments increased, she came to rely heavily on her husband for support.  In 2009 he also lost his job due to Taras illness and the time that was needed to support her. Through the lack of understanding, empathy and information their lives were drastically altered which led Tara to set up the charity that was initially known as the British Association for Hidradenitis Suppurativa.
    Tara is a well-known person in the HS community, serving most of the world in the HS Trust by using digital tools and connecting people.

    Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, Ph.D

    Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, Ph.D.
    founded My Own Med in January 2013, based on over two years of work on a database, web and mobile application platform technology for family based co-management of health. Previously, Dr. Seyfert-Margolis was the Senior Advisor for Science Innovation and Policy in the Office of the Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration. While at the FDA, she oversaw the development and execution of an agency wide strategic plan for regulatory science. Prior to the FDA, she served as Chief Scientific Officer at the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN), a non-profit consortium of researchers seeking new treatments for diseases of the immune system. At ITN, Dr. Seyfert-Margolis oversaw the development of over 20 leading edge assay development and centralized laboratory facilities, bringing them to GLP and CLIA compliance. She designed and implemented biomarker discovery studies for over 25 Phase II clinical trials across a broad array of immunologically mediated diseases including autoimmune disorders, allergy, and solid organ transplantation. Prior to this, she served as Director of the Office of
    Innovative Scientific Research Technologies at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH, where she worked to integrate emerging technologies into existing immunology and infectious disease programs. Dr. Seyfert-Margolis completed her PhD in immunology at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine, and her post-doctoral fellowship work at Harvard University and the National Cancer Institute.

    Jakob Futorjanski

    Jakob Futorjanski:
    After focusing on artificial intelligence in financial transactions during my studies, I began my career with PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory in the financial consultancy business. Later on, I joined Rocket Internet and developed Groupon Amsterdam as a Sales Director before moving on to the Groupon HQ Management Team in Berlin, where Rojahn and I teamed up to make NeuroNation the European market leader for brain training.

    Tuomas Otala

    Tuomas Otala
    has been CIO and SVP of Terveystalo Oy,  Finland's largest health service provider for 6 years. During this time Terveystalo was transformed from small & obscure company to leading health service provider which has set standard for e-health services. Notably developing first mobile services and patient portal services for Finnish market and driving the use of web for customer interaction to extremely high level. Terveystalo has also completed large number of successful M&A-operations generating unprecedented growth resulting metrics like 64% of total population data in their patient records systems.
    Tuomas Otala has also extensive background from IT-industry. Examples include application and project business responsibility of Fujitsu group in Nordic countries and driving professional services of Telia Sonera in Finland.
    Since leaving Terveystalo he has been concentrating to his own consulting venture, specializing in digitalization of businesses and building new services. Tuomas Otala is also well known blogger and speaker in Finnish IT-business events and has been selected twice as one of top-100-IT-influencers of Finland as an sole representative of Health services industry.


    Min-Sung is a Partner at XLHEALTH,
    a Berlin-based Venture Capital fund specialized on Digital Health investments. XLHEALTH current portfolio includes mySugr, Meedoc, Neuronation and Harimata. Before joining the XLHEALTH team, he founded and sold his first business and conducted seed investments with Lakeside-Ventures. Min-Sung studied in Witten, Seoul, St. Gallen, and Cambridge (MA).

    Laura Almenberg

    Laura Almenberg, Senior Design Strategist at Veryday

    Laura is a design planner, researcher and strategist with experience exploring and identifying meaningful opportunities for business growth. Laura applies a broad toolkit of ethnographic, business, marketing and design methods to support strategic problem-solving and bring confidence and focus to organizational decision-making.
    Laura has international experience with a range of consumer, healthcare and B2B clients, including YMCA of the USA, PepsiCo, Sanofi, Baxter Healthcare, HP, Microsoft, and Yahoo!. Laura has a Master of Design in design research and planning from IIT Institute of Design, as well as dual Bachelor degrees in cultural anthropology and photography.